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Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Beautiful Creche

Jeremy's calling in our ward is the Ward Mission Leader. This year he was asked by the bishop to head up and organize a Creche display at our church for our ward, the wards in our area, and the other local churches in our town. Jeremy has been working hard with his committee for the past month and it finally paid off. The Creche was held last Friday and it was full of very moving and beautiful displays!

When we first walked into the church lobby, we had hosts there to greet us and give us some information about how to find all the displays. They also had comment cards for people to fill out as they left.

As a nice added touch, this room was used for a coat check. I appreciated not having to keep track of all the kid's coats!

This is Jeremy and his good friend, Mike. Jeremy spent the evening as an usher - helping people and answering any questions.

This is what the main Creche display looked like. Isn't it beautiful??? A girl in our ward has a wedding business and she headed up all the decoration. She did an amazing job. Overall there were 174 nativities on display in 4 different rooms and they were all donated for the evening by ward members. I loved walking through and seeing all the different nativities and reflecting on my dear Savior, Jesus Christ.

At the end of the display time our ward choir performed a Christmas program. Most of the songs were from the Greater Than Us All program. I had the opportunity of performing in the choir with a lot of my friends and it turned out really well! Jeremy's parents, my parents, and Lisa with her kids came to listen to us sing and to admire the displays.

I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for sending His son to the earth for my sake. I think of the amazing person Jesus Christ is and I wonder what it must have felt like for Mary to hold such a perfect being as a baby. I know that Jesus Christ lives today and that through Him I can live with my Heavenly Father again. I love the Christmas season and the reminder it brings to me of that sacred night when Jesus entered our world. I hope we all will remember the reason why we are celebrating Christmas.


Mama Cat said...

That's really cool! That's a great idea for a ward mission leader to head up. Did you have many "friends of other faiths" come?

dena4kids said...

What a good job they did! It looks beautiful!

big8smiley said...

We had a few, but I don't know how many. I was asking Jeremy the same thing, but he didn't get a chance to look at the comment cards to see if anything came of it. I think they will try to do the same thing next year and hopefully the word will spread.

big8smiley said...
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Naomi said...

I really enjoyed the many displays. The choir performance was very well done. I wish we had as strong of a choir in our ward. The Creche was a success!

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