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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus

This past Sunday we went to the annual Santa party at Aunt Jeri's house. The kids were SO EXCITED and they were even counting the days until we could go. Every year Jeri has Santa come to her house and he brings a special treat for all the kids, we sing songs, and every kid gets a turn on his lap. We all got there early, had a little Christmas program, sang Christmas songs, and then Santa arrived in all his glory - ringing his bells, laughing, being jolly, and filling the room with excitement. When he came in, Alexandra clutched to my shirt and wouldn't let go. She didn't even want me to put her down and that almost never happens. Usually we prep the kids so they ask for the right things. This year we just let it go and decided to be surprised. :)

Santa immediately got to work by having the kids come up to sit on his lap, one by one. I love watching our kids faces as they watch each kid have their turn talking to Santa and anticipating what they will say.

Nathan was the first of our kids to have a turn with Santa. He was so cute! He really surprised me with how talkative he was. He went right up to Santa, looked him right in the eyes, and answered all the questions. He was using his hands while he talked and was quite animated! He told Santa he is four, and yes, he has been a good boy. Yes, he helps his mom. Finally it got to the good part . . . Nathan, what do you want me to bring you for Christmas?
Of all the things! Nathan told Santa - I want a broken pirate ship. LOL! What the? I asked him later and he stuck to his guns. He wants a broken pirate ship!

Samantha was the next one of our kids to be asked to come up.

She was also very good talking to Santa. She surprised us by asking for a lava lamp and a trampoline! I started re-thinking that idea not to prep the kids. Now we have to make another quick trip to the store.

Next was Athena. She asked for a lava lamp too - and a real live pony! Where did all this come from? I guess the pony can live in the backyard and use the trampoline for shelter while it plays with it's broken pirate ship.

Athena told me she believes this was one of Santa's helpers, not the real Santa. This has been my excuse for why there are so many Santa's around at Christmas time. Santa has to use his helpers to gather all the information at this time of year. I told Athena that I believe this is the REAL Santa because he is the same one every year and because he wears the REAL suit that has his initials all over it. It really is a great suit he wears. She seemed satisfied.

Last but not least came Alexandra. As you can see, she still didn't want me to put her down. She freaked out on Santa's lap. I was sure to tell Santa (loud enough for MY kids to hear) that she wants a doll, A DOLL! Alexandra got her candy from Santa and bolted right back up to my arms.

When all the kids in the room had their turn, we sang a couple more songs with Santa and he left the party. We stayed around and talked for awhile, ate a bunch of fattening treats, then left. We drove to see a light show that is close to Jeri's house - one of those cool shows that is choreographed to music.

Athena, Samantha, and Nathan wanted a better view of the show, so this is how they got it.

What a fun Christmasy night!


Aprilyn said...

So are you getting a trampoline? If you do, don't waste your money on one from Wal-Mart. If you get a cheap one, it will break faster. Mine has a warranty on it. It was more pricey but worth it.
Too bad I didn't know Nathan wanted a broken pirate ship. I just gave one away in a bag of toys on Freecycle! Silly kids..

big8smiley said...

Funny. Who knew the broken pirate ship would be such a hot commodity? He already has 3 broken pirate ships here in the house. About the trampoline . . . we don't plan on getting one. Jeremy doesn't want one.

Megz said...

A lava lamp? Where do they come up with these ides? And maybe Nathan is just realistic and knows most of his toys will be broken eventually so he may as well start off that way!

dena4kids said...

That is so funny! I love the presents! I think it is a great idea for the pony to live under the trampoline! Oh yeah I forgot and play with the broken pirate ship!LOL!=)
Merry Christmas Renee! I love ya and miss ya!

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