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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Magical Wishbone

Today Athena and Samantha broke the wishbone from Thanksgiving. They both closed their eyes and made their wishes, then pulled the wishbone with all their might. It broke and Samantha got the big end.

Athena was disappointed and said, "I wished that we were the impossible family and that we had a trampoline."

Samantha jumped up and down and said, "I wished that we were the impossible family and we had a trampoline too!!"

They both started jumping up and down, realizing the great fortune that had come upon them. An impossible family can do impossible things and they really want to be able to fly. Then Athena said, "Let's go see if we have a trampoline!" They both ran to the back door with great excitement. Then they looked in the backyard and at the same time let out a let-down "AAAWWWW!"

Now they are in the family room desperately trying to fly. LOL


Wendy Mohlman said...

Okay, that is too cute...I cannot believe they both wished for the same thing. What a neat sister moment! (And a pretty neat Mommy moment to witness such a moment!) =)

dena4kids said...

LOL! I want to see pics of them trying to fly!! Too funny!

bobatharoo said...

that's cute. I can totally picture their faces and complete excitement with the whole experience!

The Allreds said...

wrong season for a'll come in the summer, right!?! you know, wishes always come TRUE! : )

big8smiley said...

:) I guess the wish only comes true if the parents agree! LOL Jeremy doesn't want broken bones . . . so I don't see that wish coming true anytime soon. You'll have to check back for further updates!! Funny.

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