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Friday, December 5, 2008

Trip to the Dentist

We finally made it to the dentist this week! I'm so bad about scheduling regular visits. Mostly because it is always such a pain. I'm honestly going to try to do better about it and I already scheduled next year's visits! I took Athena and Samantha out of school a little early and we all headed to the dentist's office. Yes, it was me there with 4 little kids. I'm very brave.

Athena and Samantha had their turns first and they were wonderful. They sat right down in the chairs and did everything they were asked to do. Here is Athena getting ready to have her teeth cleaned.

Samantha is using Mr. Thirsty.

I had to include this picture because I think she looks SO CUTE! She is so little in that chair with her mouth all full of stuff.

When it came time for Nathan to have a turn he absolutely freaked out! I went to put him in the chair and he arched his back and screamed a blood curdling scream. I tried to coax him into the chair for 1/2 hour straight, while trying to manage Alexandra in the dentist office and keep Athena and Samantha patient because they were done and ready to go. Nothing I said or promised to Nathan did the trick. He usually can be talked into things, but not this thing! After 1/2 hour I was ready to give up. I had already scheduled for Athena to come back the next day for some fillings and I told the dentist that I would just bring Nathan back tomorrow. Just as I was throwing in the towel, Jeremy walked through the door to save the day. He was on his way home from work and came to help me out.

He actually got Nathan to sit on his lap on the chair. It was the chair that Nathan was so scared of. Even then Nathan wouldn't let them clean his teeth or anything, so the dentist just looked in his mouth the best he could. I took this picture as proof that he actually DID sit with Jeremy on the chair. I told Jeremy to lean his head back so I could see Nathan (that's why the odd pose).

When we left the dentist's office I was BURNED OUT and so frustrated that I'd have to go do the same thing tomorrow. I gave Nathan a good talking to. He loves to play the Nintendo DS and Playstation. I told him no DS and no games until he sat in that chair and got his teeth cleaned. We went over and over it until I was sure that he fully understood that unless he sat in that chair tomorrow, there would be absolutely NO DS or games.

The next day I checked Athena out of school early again and we headed to the dentist. I had them do Nathan first. Amazingly he walked right into the patient room and climbed up in the chair all ready to go. He opened his mouth for the assistant and did everything he was told! It's amazing how far a threat can take you.

When his teeth were all cleaned and checked, the assistant said to him, "That wasn't scary was it?" He simply said, "Nope!" and jumped out of the chair to go and collect his prize. Whatever!

I'm glad it's all done for this time and hopefully he will remember for next time that it isn't worth kicking up a big stink about.


The Allreds said...

these pictures just remind me of the nearly $400 bill that came in the mail yesterday from my dentist. It was totally unexpected and NOT something I wanted to see the month on Dec. ugh...wish someone would put me out of my misery : ) just kidding

Lisa said...

The kids look cute sitting there all ready for their visit with the dentist. Thanks for reminding me of that nagging little thought that keeps pestering me to take my kids to the dentist.

Megz said...

Totally been there! We couldn't put if off any longer and ended up spending more money at a pediatric dentist so at least we were assured everything would be kid friendly. I think some kids just don't do the new experience as well as other kids and now that Nathan has it under his belt I'm sure he'll be a breeze for next time (and just pray he never needs any major work!)

Aprilyn said...

We saw the dentist when Marshall was two for the first time. The dentist just had him sit on my lap and lay his head in the dentist's lap. It was less scary that way. Then he just brushed his teeth with a toothbrush while looking at them.

I'm glad you made it through!

dena4kids said...

I hate having to take all my kids to the dentist! It is such a pain! Luckily I haven't had to many problems with them not wanting to get their teeth cleaned. Noah had a fit last time because it wasn't his turn! LOL! Go figure!=) But hey now you don't have to go back till six months! YEAH!!!

Shnopa said...

I love the Nathan story. Preston was the same way last time at the dentist. I'm going to try your method. I hope it works because I've almost decided cavities aren't so bad in comparison. No teeth=no more brushing/flossing/screaming. And kids love shakes, right?


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