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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Make the Bishop Laugh

This past Sunday the girls paid their tithing that they have been saving up over the past couple of months. They don't get money very often and I keep forgetting to have them bring what they owe. During Sacrament meeting I helped them fill out their tithing slips and put the money in their envelopes. After that I went about my normal Sacrament meeting activities, trying to listen while managing the 2 little kids. Athena and Samantha were quiet and it was really nice.

After the closing prayer, I told the girls to take their tithing to the bishop and I hurried off to get Alexandra to nursery and then to sit with my primary class. Then church went on as normal.

Jeremy is the Ward Mission Leader and he always has meetings after church with the bishop and other people. When he got to his meeting, the ward clerk, counselors, and bishop were laughing as the bishop handed Jeremy the girl's tithing envelopes. He said, "We took out the tithing and thought you might want to keep these." Here is what the envelopes looked like (I blocked out the addresses).

This is what the envelopes say, for those of you who can't read it all:

Athena's Front: extra My birthday! today on Sunday. I am thankful for everything. I loving having a bishop. I love the earth. A mermaid is graceful. I think the church is butiful.
Athena's Back: I love the bishop! I love the profet! I love TITHING!

Samantha's Front: My birthday is on Sept 25, 2008. The terch of later day saints is but . . .
Samantha's Back: Yaay for Athena becas it's her Birthday today!! I love evrythnig in the world.

I'm glad the girls could give them all a good kick to brighten their day!


Shnopa said...

It's nice of your bishop to share that with you. I love to hear funny things about my kids from other people. And happy birthday, Athena.


Cynthia said...

Forget about school art projects. Those are the real keepsakes. That is so sweet to imagine them quietly decorating their envelopes.

Lisa said...

That is so cute! They are really sweet girls.

Megz said...

I bet the bishop has never received a love note disguised on a tithing envelope before! It's great they are so full of love.

Aprilyn said...

That is so funny! I'm glad they had fun drawing. Too cute.

dena4kids said...

Cute! There is really no telling what my girls would put!LOL!

The Allreds said...

decorated envelopes are always the best! fun to see those!

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