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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Itching to Be in Snow

On Monday it finally snowed enough here to look like Christmas and actually cover the ground! Athena and Samantha have been so anxious for it to snow so they could use their new snow gear that we got them this year. As soon as they finished their homework they got themselves bundled and ran outside, even though it was dark by that time.

They both had a ball playing outside and just walking and rolling around in the snow!

Here is Samantha playing with the ball in the backyard.

Jeremy and I looked outside a little later that night and realized that half the backyard was filled with snow angels the girls had made. I think it's cute that they just relished every minute of "snow time". I also found footprints from them in the front yard where they simply walked around the trees for fun. :)


The Allreds said...

I thought it was funny/rude that Garrett yelled at some neighbor boys who were trying to play in HIS snow...our front yard. He couldn't understand why they wouldn't have their own fun in THEIR own snow!?!?
James was dad of the year and took the kids sledding BEFORE school the other day. Brrrr...I enjoyed my last few minutes of sleep in my WARM flannel covers : )

big8smiley said...

Wow! I can't believe he got up before school for that! He really IS dedicated. I wouldn't even consider that. I'm sure the kids loved it - that's a really fun memory.

We lived in a duplex when we were little and the kids from the other side actually drew a line in the snow and told us we couldn't cross over and play in THEIR snow. Garrett has learned quick that it's best to make your own first tracks! That's funny. :)

Cynthia said...

I remember being so excited to see the first snowfall. I always wanted to go crunch around in it. I love the "sound" of falling snow.

dena4kids said...

I really don't think we are going to get any
here.=( It was almost 70 degrees yesterday. Maybe you can send some to us!=)

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