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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Singing Athena!

Athena shared her talents with us last night at her Christmas Choir Concert. She is part of the Utah Valley Children's Choir and last night was their combined performance. She did a great job and it sounded really good! Here she is just before it started.

Athena's choir performed the following songs:

Sleep Baby Sleep (by Marlene D. Bartlett)
Come and See the Babe (by Mary Lynn Lightfoot)
Sing Unto the Lord (by Charles Yannerella)
O Come All Ye Faithful (arr. John Rutter)

She is on the back row with the clip in her hair.

I'm happy that Athena is in choir this year. She really loves it and looks forward to the day each week that she gets to go to choir. She loves singing the songs and learning new songs. It's fun for me to see her developing her talents. This picture below was taken just after her performance. Doesn't she look so grown up?!!

After the choir performance, we came home and I helped the kids decorate their own little Christmas tree to put downstairs. We got all the stuff for half off at Walmart, so we couldn't help but get it! Athena and Samantha have been itching to have their own little tree.

This time I let the kids do what they wanted with the tree and they even got to put their own hooks on the bulbs. They also picked to have rainbow lights on it (multi-colored). They always ask me to put rainbow lights on our big tree upstairs, but I like white lights, so they finally got their wish on their own little tree. They really enjoyed that!

I ended up putting the little tree on the counter so Alexandra doesn't take it apart and ruin all the little bulbs. All in all we had a fun evening with the choir and the tree!


Megz said...

A full length choir dress and everything! Good job Athena. Can't wait to see you in the MOTAB.

Mama Cat said...

Wow--she really DOES look grown up! That's awesome that she's in the Children's Choir. What a great opportunity for her.

The Allreds said...

Athena looks like a jr. higher in that one photo, NO they can't grow up THAT fast! Fun to have a kiddie tree. I'm a little particular about the one upstairs and am glad there another one in the basement for all those DARLING school project ornaments and such : )

Wendy Mohlman said...

Athena looked BEAUTIFUL! What a great opportunity for her to be in a choir! I also like your idea of a little Christmas tree for each kid...That will be a neat tradition to decorate those together, too!

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