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Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a Gag

What do these items have in common? These are the wonderful gifts Jeremy and I had the pleasure of taking home from our Christmas white elephant gift party with our neighbors! :) I received the bobble-head Christmas pig. Jeremy received a bag full of empty CD cases and some very old internet security software. THANK YOU neighbors! I love gag gifts! It's so funny to me to see what everyone comes up with!

Last Wednesday Jeremy and I went to a couples party at our neighbor's house for Christmas. We both had a lot of fun eating fattening, yummy food and playing games. I'm grateful to have some really great people in our ward who we enjoy associating with.

This is Cory and Jennifer. They are are gaming guru friends. We get most of our game ideas from them - they have cost us a lot of money! Every time we play a new game with them we have to go get it because it's so much fun. We know them through the many game nights they have held and we always love to go play at their house.

Here are Dede and Russ. They threw the party and invited us all. Thanks, it was fun! We just recently started playing with them and have found we get along really well. :)

This is Mike and Kristi. We hang out with them quite often. Mike is proudly whispering an answer he knows into Kristi's ear. I remember because he wouldn't let us forget about the fact that he KNEW the answer! LOL
Here are Erica and Vince. We have recently been hanging out with them too and their daughter babysits our kids for us. We get along great and Erica inspired my most recent game purchase! Our kids always beg to go hang out with their kids even though they are all different ages. I guess we just play the same so we are all comfortable - it's nice.

This is Matt and Trudi. They are a great couple in our ward who we haven't hung out with much, but need to get to know better. Our paths haven't ever really crossed, but I've been meaning to get to know them better. I had to take this funny picture because for Trudi's gag gift she received the book Everyone Poops. She was SO PROUD of it! LOL I'm kidding, she probably wasn't too proud but the book gave us all a good laugh.

Then Matt showed us how truly proud he was of her gift by reading the book to us all. It is so funny! Thanks Matt. We needed to learn a little more about the art of pooping.
I feel blessed to have the privilege of associating with such wonderful people and that I feel like I'm surrounded by friends where I live. Thanks for the party Dede and Russ!


Piglet de' Erin said...

white elephant parties are a riot! HOw fun. oh and I love "everybody poops"

dena4kids said...

I love the white elephant gifts! Love the empty CD cases! I think I will use that this Friday!=)Thanks to my kids I have plenty!

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