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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fun for the Kids

Saturday we spent the entire day out shopping and running errands. It was a LONG day! At lunchtime, Nathan had been invited to a party at Chuck E Cheese's for his little cousin, Connor. It was Nathan's first time being invited to a birthday party all on his own. Jeremy walked him up to the door and took this picture of him.
Come to find out, we misunderstood and our whole family was invited to the 2-year-old party! Athena and Samantha were SO excited! We all went in and had pizza and played for a couple of hours.

Nathan and Alexandra really loved this little ride. Nathan had tokens and every time the ride would stop he would pull out another token and feed the ride so it would start up again for them. After awhile Alexandra got the hang of the tokens too and she wanted to feed her own rides.

We sang Happy Birthday to Connor and ate cake together. It turned out to be a fun little party and the kids especially had a blast. :) Connor got so many presents I was wondering if there would be anything left to give him for Christmas! It must be hard to have a birthday so close to Christmas.

Classic Skating
Last night for Jeremy's extended family Christmas party we went to Classic Skating. I didn't really want to put on skates this year because every year I just end up spending my whole time helping kids anyway and not really skating . . . and that's exactly what I ended up doing this time. So I saved that extra $1.

Alexandra didn't skate either, she mostly just hung out and did her own thing.

I spent most of my time helping Nathan learn to roller skate. He was so excited to put on his "wheel shoes" (that's what Curious George calls them). I was happily surprised by Nathan's perseverence in learning! He didn't want to stop, even though most of the night was spent with him being a noodle body and me trying to hold him up.

Jeremy rented scooters for Athena and Samantha. This was a fun, new experience for them. We don't have those kinds of scooters. At first they were a little shaky riding them, but soon got the hang of it. There is Athena out on the skating rink with her scooter.

Here is Samantha on her scooter.

By the end of the night, Nathan was feeling confident enough to try skating by himself. His sense of humor kicked in and every time he fell he would giggle, roll around on the floor for a minute, and then get back up. :)

Everyone brought treats and there were plenty of choices in the party room. Too much junk food for me! I tried to avoid the room for the most part, but did catch myself munching on a few treats. Some were just too good to pass up!

Jeremy took a few turns throughout the night helping Nathan, but mostly he would get frustrated and have Nathan sit down for a break. Nathan wouldn't smile for this picture, so this is what we get!

Alexandra is sitting on my lap in this picture.

Every time there was a little kid scooter that was unoccupied, she would run over and claim it. She did get a few good rides. We have a little princess scooter like this at home, but I forgot to bring it. Next year I'll try to be better prepared.

Overall the kids had a fun night. We got home late and they were all worn out. I enjoyed helping Nathan and watching him try so hard.


The Allreds said...

that's a FUN family party! never seen scooters allowed...what will they think of next?? I used to skate competitively before I was a tidbit of info, hugh!?
I'm sure you got a good workout trying to keep noodle-child up...that's hard work!

Aprilyn said...

My Nathan can't rollerskate so he takes his scooter whenever he goes to Classic Skating. You are a patient mommy. I'm glad you all had fun.

dena4kids said...

That looks like fun! I haven't been skating forever!! When I saw the title I thought it was ice skating.LOL!

big8smiley said...

Summer! I had no idea you were so talented. :) You will have to pull that one out the next time our ward has a talent show. I'd love to see your tricks!

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